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Dragon Boat Festival Sites

As the winter will start nearing an end it’s time to start thinking about this year’s upcoming dragon boat festivals around the country. Since this site is just a fan page and you can’t actually contact us to participate in any races I wanted to share a few different official dragon boat sites where you can signup to participate in these events.

There are quite a few locations that hold these, big cities and small so I’m sure my list will be missing many events however I wanted to share the larger ones I’m aware of so you can check them out.

Dragon Boat Festival Sites

North East Events

For all of those living on the east coast the sites below will provide you with more information on upcoming dragon boat races. I’ve also listed the dates of each race so if you are planning on attending one you know how many day’s you’ve got until you need to book a trip or enter the race if you plan to participate.

Here’s a video of the Hartford dragon boat festival that was filmed with a quadcopter with camera flying over the bay, courtesy of Pixel-Art Films.

Southern Events

If you’re a southerner of maybe the northeast water isn’t warm enough for you to compete in then here are some of the bigger dragon boat festivals down south. Florida definitely isn’t at a lack of events, however many of these southern dragon boat organizations haven’t updated their sites with the 2016 race dates.

Here’s an action shot to the right of a dragon boat race in Montgomery, credit goes to Montgomery Dragon Boat organization.

West Coast Events

And finally a few different west coast sites I collected for you to check out if you’re living on the west side.

Other Events

If you are planning on attending a dragon boat festival don’t expect the races to be the only entertainment there. Some of these festivals will extend over the period of a few days and have multiple events in between the races. You’ll find a lot of dragon dances as well as other traditional Asian dances.

Some other events may be face paintings, history presentations on the background of theses festivals, cultural events, and tea ceremonies. You’ll can also buy a lot of Asian food, and not necessarily the ‘china buffet’ type food but some real authentic Japanese and Chinese food.

Additionally if you’re looking for souvenirs then many vendors come to the festivals to sell various items. You’ll find a lot o the typical Chinese gifts like the Buddhas, the jade dragons, and if you’re into martial arts you may find a katana for sale or some other martial arts like nunchakus.

Overall if you attend or participate in a dragon boat festival this year, I can almost guarantee that you’ll have a great time!

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