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Intro – What are Dragon Boat Races?

What is a Dragon Boat?

A dragon boat is a man or women powered watercraft that originates from southern China and was historically made from Teak wood.

These boats were, and still are used in racing events that have been held for over 2,000 years. The more modern dragon boats have left their wooden composition behind for the lighter weight carbon fiber frames.

The boats are long and narrow and designed to support a multi-member row team. The sport is well known in multiple countries and there are annual competitions where participants compete.

Below is an image of a modern day dragon boat and their race team to get an idea of the design of these boats and the number of people they can support.

Dragon Boat Festival

Image credit goes to Wikipedia

Each year the events alternate the location they are being held at, much like the Olympics do. This is great because it generates tourism to countries and cities that otherwise may not receive such attention.

These events are usually covered on sports channels or covered and streamed via YouTubers who capture the events using a multi rotor drone that is capable of getting aerial coverage of the events.

My goal of this blog is provide readers with an understanding of the sport, the craft, where upcoming events are, and share some images of the events I find around the web.



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